Muskoka Cottage Trays

Customized Lettered Trays & More

Current Pricing & Ordering

Awards Hangar / Sports Plak Personalized 6 x 18"                  $35.00
Awards Hanger / Sports Plak Personalized 6 x 22"                  $45.00
16 " x 16" Personalized Lettered Tray with sides                     $130.00
18"  x 18" Personalized Lettered Tray with sides                     $160.00
Stained Cottage Tray with 2" high sides - lettered

outside only                    starting at                                           $ 65.00

Custom sizes available here at Muskoka Cottage Trays

and the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Contact us directly and we can start the order process. (please see our contact page)  Please let us know which product and size you are interested in.  Once the size is picked we can then let you know how many words you will need to provide to us.  Contact can be done through e-mail or telephone.  

I ask for 50% payment up front and the last 50% after you okay the proof that will be emailed to you before I cut.  I accept  e-transfer, cash if being picked up, or a cheque; however I will wait until it clears the bank before I send out the tray.   Visa transactions will be available in the near future.

SHIPPING:   we charge an extra $20.00 to cover Canada Post, tracking and insurance is included.  Shipping to USA  will be determined at time of order.  Items are shipped finished and ready for your home.  Great care is taken to prevent damage in the shipping process.  Gift wrapping is available.   If picked up, they are wrapped and ready to go in brown craft paper.  

We thank you for your business and hope you are extremely happy with your purchase.